What’s Mine is Mine, What’s Yours is Yours: Intellectual Property in the 21st Century

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
12:00 – 1:30 PM
Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce WinXnet Conference Room
443 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101


What’s Mine Is Mine, What’s Yours Is Yours: Intellectual Property in the 21st Century

What is the difference between a patent and trademark? What steps do you have to take to secure a copyright to your original work? What should you do when you discover that someone is infringing on your IP rights? How can you protect your confidential business information using the law of trade secrets? These and other questions are frequently encountered by many businesses today. Join Adria LaRose from the law firm of Eaton Peabody for an informative tour of IP, the law that governs IP rights, and some of the strategies that are available to maximize the value of IP in your business.

About Adria Y. LaRose

Adria’s diverse business litigation experience includes intellectual property litigation (including trademark and anti-counterfeiting), legal malpractice, First Amendment, telecommunications and environmental matters. She has handled anti-counterfeiting suits for a major software developer and a large computer chip maker, coordinated execution of search and seizure orders for a video game manufacturer, and has appeared before the California Public Utilities Commission on behalf of an international telecommunications company and a local municipality.