Labor & Employment

Whether your business is private or public, municipal or county, for profit or nonprofit, large or small, we can help you. We have helped numerous other businesses, just like yours, with all types of labor and employment issues.

Day in and day out we are on the phone, or meeting with employers, providing advice on any number of labor or employment issues. We can assist you in preparing the policies and agreements you need for your employees, including employee handbooks and policies, employment agreements, and non-competition agreements. Every year we present dozens of seminars and training sessions on topics specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients on a wide variety of employment issues including: Americans with Disabilities Act, including accommodations; collective bargaining; employment discrimination; Family Medical Leave Act; federal and Maine employment laws; hiring; corrective/disciplinary action and termination; and sexual harassment.

We routinely litigate employment cases on behalf of clients in the federal and state court systems. We also serve as mediators and expert witnesses in employment litigation on behalf of third parties.

We assist our clients in responding to organization campaigns, strikes and other concerted employee action, in collective bargaining negotiations and in administrative proceedings before the Department of Labor (Federal and State), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Maine Board of Arbitration and Conciliation, Maine Human Rights Commission, Maine Labor Relations Board, National Labor Relations Board, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Unemployment Insurance Commission, and Workers’ Compensation (limited to discriminatory petitions).

Extensive preventive services are provided by developing employment manuals and policies, employment agreements, and training programs on such topics as work-place harassment and employer-employee rights and responsibilities. We are joined by lawyers practicing in the areas of employee benefits to assist clients with executive compensation plans, ERISA, employee benefit design and implementation, plan administration and compliance, and employee benefit issues arising out of mergers and acquisitions, and by attorneys practicing intellectual property to anticipate and respond to questions concerning the ownership and use of inventions and copyrightable materials, and disputes over the respective rights and obligations of employer and former employee.

To learn more about our Labor & Employment services or to schedule a meeting with an Eaton Peabody attorney, please contact us.

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