Weekly State Rulemaking Notices – 5/2/18

AGENCY: 06-096 – Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 382 (New), Wind Energy Act Standards
CONCISE SUMMARY: This rule provides guidance by clarifying and explaining the current review process and standards for five specific aspects of proposed wind energy projects under the Wind Energy Act (WEA). The rule provides detailed guidelines for the Department’s analysis of a proposed wind energy project’s scenic impacts to protected resources; establishes standards for shadow flicker and safety setbacks; clarifies the statutory description of tangible benefits from a wind energy project and establishes a reporting requirement for benefits; and establishes a formal structure and process for decommissioning a wind energy project, including funding requirements.
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 30, 2018
DEP CONTACT PERSON: Erle Townsend, Department of Environmental Protection, 17 State House Station, Augusta ME 04330-0017. Telephone: (207) 287-6115. Email: Erle.Townsend@Maine.gov .
DEP WEBSITE: http://www.maine.gov/dep/ .
DEP RULEMAKING LIAISON: Jeff.S.Crawford@Maine.gov .