The Construction Industry and Governor Mills March 31, 2020 Stay at Home Order

Governor Mills’ March 31, 2020 Executive Order requires everyone living in Maine to stay at their homes or residences except to conduct essential activities or engage in permitted work at essential businesses until the end of April. While the new Order will have a significant impact on individuals, it does not impose additional limitations on the ability of the construction industry to continue operations.

The March 31st Order extends and supplements March 24, 2020 Order. It does not alter the status of the construction as an essential businesses. It expressly permits workers at essential business such as construction to travel to and from: (a) work from their homes; (b) child care; and (c) customers for the purpose of delivering goods and services. Workers should only use public transportation if it is absolutely necessary to do so and should limit other passengers in their vehicles to members of their immediate household. It also reiterates the requirement for maintaining a minimum six foot distance between individuals. While the language suggests that shared transport to the job site may be permissible, the requirement of 6 foot distancing and best practice for the safety of your employees suggests this should be avoided.

If you have questions on specific projects, please contact Michael Hodgins or David Pierson. Our office is trying as best we can to work remotely, while continuing to timely and effectively respond to, and anticipate, client concerns.

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