Sarah Newell and Ryan Dumais to Present at Municipal HR & Management Conference

Eaton Peabody attorneys Sarah Newell and Ryan Dumais will provide guidance on how to avoid discrimination claims at the Maine Municipal Association HR & Management Conference on June 17th.

Avoiding Discrimination Claims
Find out what you, as employers, need to know about discrimination, retaliation and Whistleblower laws. Sarah Newell and Ryan Dumais from Eaton Peabody will provide you with an overview of federal and state protections and exceptions. They will also cover the protected classes included in the law for purposes of sex discrimination, race discrimination and the creation of hostile work environments. And most importantly for any employer, they will cover the top ­five strategies for avoiding lawsuits.
Presenters: Sarah Newell and Ryan Dumais, Attorneys, Eaton Peabody
MTCMA Certification – 1 point Legal, Human Resources and Ethics categories

To learn more and register, please visit the Maine Municipal Association.