Patrick Lyons Covers Maine Shoreland Zoning with Lakes Environmental Association

Beautiful, clean, and clear lakes are the primary economic driver for much of rural Maine. However, these lakes are also sensitive to development and several lakes in Maine have already experienced a precipitous decline in water quality. Real estate agents are often the first point of contact for many new landowners and their words and projected values form meaningful and long-standing impressions. This course aims to give real estate agents a well-rounded and holistic view on Maine’s lakes and ponds so they can be more knowledgeable about freshwater issues with their clients, and in turn, preserve market value of properties.

These presentations will include:

  • a solid background in the laws and regulations that surround Maine waterbodies, including shoreland zoning
  • how to evaluate development potential and restrictions for a particular parcel of land
  • where to find current and accurate information on lakes and ponds
  • an introduction to the state-wide LakeSmart homeowner education program, which
  • provides site-specific recommendations for lake-friendly living and gardening
  • access to publications on lake-friendly living for interested landowners
  • contact information and technical assistance

This 3-hour MREC-approved continuing education program will be taught by Colin Holme of Lakes Environmental Association, Susan Gallo of Maine Lakes or
Chad Thompson of Portland Water District, and Patrick Lyons of Eaton Peabody.

This class will be taught via Zoom, 9:00 – noon:
April 16th (Belgrade Lakes focus)
May 6th (western Maine Lakes Region focus)
May 13th (greater Portland area focus)

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