The following list of patents that were obtained through our firm provides a useful overview of the wide variety of matter for which patent protection may be secured. Click on the patent number to see the details of the patent. Patent numbers with the prefix D denote design patents, which are similar to “industrial design” registrations in other countries. This list does not contain plant patents for asexually produced plants and certain other biological inventions.

Patent NumberTitleIssue Date
11,071,977Biological sample analysis device21-Jul-21
11,051,566Knee pad device6-Jul-21
D919,904Pet step18-May-21
10,982,462Portable windscreen20-Apr-21
D914,862Air purifier30-Mar-21
10,954,072Pipette tip rack23-Mar-21
D914,239Poultry belt drive23-Mar-21
10,920,923Portable mount16-Feb-21
10,879,017Closing-edge safety device with prechamber29-Dec-20
10,859,351Portable disposable fireworks launch platform8-Dec-20
10,807,254Adjustable wall trimming device13-Oct-20
10,801,377Method for protecting a rotation separator from icing and a rotation separator13-Oct-20
D897,871Measuring cup6-Oct-20
D897,845Aerosol container cap6-Oct-20
D892,248Golf ball marker4-Aug-20
10,685,793Switch blocking device16-Jun-20
10,667,651Apparatus and method for shaping a food product2-Jun-20
10,645,867Spreader device12-May-20
10,562,088Pipe grooving device18-Feb-20
10,561,227Multi-directional self-directing holster and clip device18-Feb-20
D875,913Prefabricated or preassembled building part18-Feb-20
10,532,270Vented ski with modified keel14-Jan-20
10,472,854Locking system having contact surfaces12-Nov-19
10,470,443Pond pump with a self-cleaning filter unit12-Nov-19
10,449,431Basketball training device22-Oct-19
10,441,007Knee pad support frame15-Oct-19
10,413,443Thermal device17-Sep-19
D855,938Snow pants13-Aug-19
D853,872Optical analyzer16-Jul-19
10,340,095Safety-switch device for use on a movable device2-Jul-19
10,307,934Decorative wood-based board panel and method of panel production4-Jun-19
D848,560Golf tee14-May-19
10,288,534Method of fluid sampling and device thereof14-May-19
D841,691Display screen or portion thereof with icon26-Feb-19
10,194,670Method and apparatus for deshelling shellfish5-Feb-19
10,177,578Power distribution device for use with portable battery8-Jan-19
10,150,616Scraper for a scraper chain conveyor11-Dec-18
10,139,210External bullet storage27-Nov-18
10,083,240Method of data organization and data searching for constructing evidence-based beliefs within a social network25-Sep-18
10,070,600Aeroponic system11-Sep-18
10,064,397Aquarium theater device4-Sep-18
10,051,844Modular submersible aquaculture raft21-Aug-18
10,024,771Portable self-cleaning aggregrate mixture analysis unit17-Jul-18
10,021,886Method and apparatus for deshelling shellfish17-Jul-18
D819,746Chess board5-Jun-18
9,968,173Method for producing fingernail tips15-Mar-18
D810,826Bag tag20-Feb-18
D808,100Scratching tool16-Jan-18
9,863,145Masonry block system9-Jan-18
D805,135Poker chip12-Dec-17
9,827,731Clipper closure for filter belts28-Nov-17
9,789,938Small watercraft launching device17-Oct-17
D799,932Tool handle17-Oct-17
D796,582Poker chip5-Sep-17
9,746,165Wearable illunination gear29-Aug-17
9,730,399Modular submersible aquaculture raft15-Aug-17
D793,775Storage and display unit8-Aug-17
D793,774Storage and display unit8-Aug-17
D792,541Divot tool18-Jul-17
9,651,463Apparatus and method for producing analysis samples16-May-17
9,616,579Lifting grip11-Apr-17
9,587,762Torque support for a valve lock7-Mar-17
9,545,354Hydraulically adjustable walker17-Jan-17
9,527,130Method for producing coding surfaces from a blank27-Dec-16
9,381,678Method and arrangement for recycling adhesive-containing film waste5-Jul-16
9,369,832Method and system for remotely tracking multiple assets and updating team data14-Jun-16
9,359,056Linear propulsion system for small watercraft7-Jun-16
9,277,785Boot fastening device8-Mar-16
9,259,298Dental implant system16-Feb-16
9,205,500Method for coding a lock and a blank for same8-Dec-15
9,180,900Wheel-unit-ready ski for ski-mounted vehicle10-Nov-15
9,163,439Dual profile doorstop device20-Oct-15
9,112,349Electromechanical excess temperature protection element18-Aug-15
D734,983Detachable handle for cookware28-Jul-15
9,075,231Carrier device for an electronic display unit7-Jul-15
9,072,992Fuel filter with filter recognition7-Jul-15
9,072,389Bracket for a slat in a slatted bedframe7-Jul-15
9,068,352Framework serving as structural support and utility space30-Jun-15
9,010,028Retractable gutter21-Apr-15
9,004,706Outdoor speaker and illumination tower14-Apr-15
D724,421Fastener for a bed frame17-Mar-15
D724,420Fastener for a bed frame17-Mar-15
D723,908Clip for a slatted bed frame10-Mar-15
D723,907Clip for a slatted bed frame10-Mar-15
D723,394Beverage can3-Mar-15
8,894,054Device and method for stiffening and holding a workpiece for machining25-Nov-14
8,871,084Fluid filter comprising a protected liquid sensor28-Oct-14
8,839,770Bow crutch23-Sep-14
8,801,001Wheel-unit-ready ski for ski-mounted vehicle12-Aug-14
D709,147Treadmill belt15-Jul-15
8,777,781Variable gravity training device15-Jul-14
8,635,984Oil module comprising an integrated cooling water channel28-Jan-14
8,624,448Electrodynamic linear oscillating motor7-Jan-14
8,598,729Wave power plant3-Dec-13
8,596,014Masonry block system3-Dec-13
8,591,169Rotor for generating electrical power from a flow medium26-Nov-13
8,561,311Apparatus for measuring and cutting treads22-Oct-13
D690,982Bed slat8-Oct-13
D690,981Bed slat8-Oct-13
8,512,086Propulsion devices20-Aug-13
8,510,863Impact shock absorbing material20-Aug-13
8,479,327Lifting and support device9-Jul-13
8,454,263Production-optimized manhole cover4-Jun-13
8,453,709Jewelry with positive fingerprint impression4-Jun-13
D682,952Game figure21-May-13
8,434,179Breathable infant bedding7-May-13
D681,359Lobster chair7-May-13
8,413,340Safety guard for power saw9-Apr-13
8,353,510Variable media feed system and printhead apparatus15-Jan-13
8,348,303Airbag cover hinge with force-absorbing system8-Jan-13
8,304,518Method for thermally treating polyester pellets to obtain a partial crystallization6-Nov-12
8,297,019Mounting bracket for wall insulation30-Oct-12
8,269,628Refrigeration case motion detector18-Sep-12
8,257,256Retractor device4-Sep-12
8,250,677Penis covering28-Aug-12
8,245,600Insulated container with bottle opener21-Aug-12
8,188,305Method of producing biodiesel with supercritical alcohol and apparatus for same29-May-12
8,157,289Hinge for an airbag cover17-Apr-12
8,143,540Multifunctional foot switch27-Mar-12
8,113,098Automated shingle milling system14-Feb-12
8,104,996Two-shell structural system for constructing plantable steep embankments formed from several layers31-Jan-12
8,096,577Hinge for an air-bag cover17-Jan-12
8,087,101Impact shock absorbing material3-Jan-12
8,073,865System and method for content extraction from unstructured sources6-Dec-11
8,036,999Method for analyzing and classifying process data that operates a knowledge base in an open-book mode before defining any clusters11-Oct-11
8,017,010Device for filtering a liquefied synthetic material13-Sep-11
8,017,002Device for filtering a fluid, particularly for plastic processing plants13-Sep-11
8,015,865Wind turbine foundation monitoring system13-Sep-11
8,002,321Device for picking up loose material23-Aug-11
7,937,769Knee pad10-May-11
7,911,772Assembly aid for replacing keys on a key padMarch 22,2011
7,898,553Pick packet for web browser display1-Mar-11
7,886,639Roll cutting apparatus15-Feb-11
7,834,910Method and apparatus for panoramic imaging16-Nov-10
7,796,391Junction box to protect individual solar panels from overheating14-Sep-10
7,793,437Shoe sole14-Sep-10
D618,327Panel heater22-Jun-10
7,669,338Range finder2-Mar-10
7,650,749Tidal power station device26-Jan-10
7,650,724Tube with external channel26-Jan-10
7,641,046Water-resistant combination case for handheld electronic devices5-Jan-10
7,600,447Actuation lever13-Oct-09
7,556,205Adaptable media card storage device7-Jul-09
7,545,121Auxiliary vehicle power supply9-Jun-09
7,530,457Swivel-lid protective case12-May-09
7,526,984Roll cutting apparatus5-May-09
D591,010Treeless saddle21-Apr-09
7,467,676Method and device for preventing pipeskidding23-Dec-08
7,389,612Geodesic structure24-Jun-08
D567,319Divot tool22-Apr-08
7,337,861Method and a device for preventing pipeskidding4-Mar-08
7,293,936Precision aligning fastener13-Nov-07
7,293,635Business travel bag13-Nov-07
7,271,887Sunlight measuring device18-Sep-07
7,207,896Aid for training a golf swing24-Apr-07
7,202,425Under-pillow-block load cell10-Apr-07
7,195,208Multi-device controller for model aircraft27-Mar-07
7,165,860Viewing apparatus23-Jan-07
7,135,066 Titanium white paint for ice surfaces14-Nov-06
7,107,118Laser welding control system12-Sep-06
7,077,346Snow and/or ice liquefier18-Jul-06
7,066,008 Method for measuring concentration of solid or liquid particulate matter in a gaseous carrier medium27-Jun-06
7,017,213Stomach sleeper28-Mar-06
7,011,486Portable hoisting device14-Mar-06
7,008,001Automatic tarper7-Mar-06
6,990,688Thermochromic water proof apparel31-Jan-06
6,988,705Fluent control valve24-Jan-06
6,983,943Convertible ski-supported vehicle10-Jan-06
6,976,213Method of automatically generating specifications and providing online services for same13-Dec-05
6,971,596Snow and/or ice liquefier6-Dec-05
6,948,599Sports bag insert27-Sep-05
6,932,359Convertible ski-supported vehicle23-Aug-05
6,923,816Medical skin-marking device2-Aug-05
6,905,051Protective case for use with a belt14-Jun-05
6,902,368Cargo-transfer apparatus and method7-Jun-05
6,889,987Snowmobile support stand10-May-05
6,885,767Silhouetting apparatus and method26-Apr-05
6,881,306Combination electrode for electrochemical restoration of corrosion-damaged reinforced concrete and method of controlling same19-Apr-05
6,880,494Toroidal internal combustion engine19-Apr-05
6,860,468Flowable-material transfer device and system1-Mar-05
6,857,461Method and device for the production of reticular structures22-Feb-05
6,854,255Berry harvester15-Feb-05
6,851,378Articulated multi-hull water craft8-Feb-05
6,844,846Multi-mode GPS receiver18-Jan-05
6,824,147Convertible ski-supported vehicle30-Nov-04
6,793,106Bow-stern canoe box21-Sep-04
6,721,661Method of distinguishing types of geologic sedimentation13-Apr-04
6,704,985Threaded tool insert16-Mar-04
6,644,636Clamp adapter11-Nov-03
6,634,719Ice scruffer21-Oct-03
6,619,361Multi-headed automated labeler16-Sep-03
6,575,686Cargo-transfer apparatus and method10-Jun-03
6,570,613Resolution-enhancement method for digital imaging27-May-03
6,567,792Method of data collection for fisheries management20-May-03
6,564,737Single-frame-curve method of designing and constructing hulls20-May-03
6,560,905Device for removing snow and other debris from ground surfaces13-May-03
6,558,442Synthetic fuel production method6-May-03
6,550,153Window template22-Apr-03
6,540,621Golf grip training aid1-Apr-03
6,527,282Convertible ski-supported vehicle4-Mar-03
6,514,181Apparatus providing double-poling ski-movement and method for making same4-Feb-03
6,497,315Brake/clutch module with simplified friction pad substitution24-Dec-02
6,497,198Animal collar with integral identification holders24-Dec-02
6,488,640Method and device for continuous passive lumbar motion (CLMP) for back exercise3-Dec-02
6,442,896Multiple-axis hatch assembly3-Sep-02
6,440,249Apparatus and method for applying labels27-Aug-02
6,436,105Medical skin-marking device20-Aug-02
6,419,496Learning method16-Jul-02
6,418,817Wire stripper16-Jul-02
6,405,769Material-recovery apparatus18-Jun-02
6,390,553Back-support device21-May-02
6,379,305Early-fetal-heartbeat-detection device and method30-Apr-02
6,357,375Boat thruster control apparatus19-Mar-02
6,328,260Wing spar modification kit11-Dec-01
6,309,676Pet breath ameliorator30-Oct-01
6,286,629Lift-positioning system11-Sep-01
6,279,747Study aid device28-Aug-01
6,267,080Outdoor recreation enclosure for pets31-Jul-01
6,267,071Adjustable helm seat and actuating apparatus of same31-Jul-01
6,260,293Device for removing snow and other debris from ground surfaces17-Jul-01
6,256,955Apparatus and method for debris-collecting in masonry cavity walls10-Jul-01
6,240,167Telephone-linked commodity-billing method29-May-01
6,209,706Article grouping and transferring system3-Apr-01
6,198,807X-ray labeling tape6-Mar-01
6,196,678Protective glasses with built-in corrective lenses6-Mar-01
6,172,702Cable/satellite-ready television set9-Jan-01
6,172,334Tool kit for shielded metal-arc welding9-Jan-01
6,170,661Protective device for decorative bows on gift-wrapped packages9-Jan-01
D435,188CD storage sleeve19-Dec-00
6,155,005Lift-assisted entrance to an external basement entryway5-Dec-00
6,155,001Carrier for ice fishing traps5-Dec-00
6,126,175Collet-stop assembly3-Oct-00
6,105,940Adaptive portable lifting device22-Aug-00
6,092,291Helmet face-mask extractor25-Jul-00
6,063,007Modular aerobic-exercise stepper16-May-00
6,046,772Digital photography device and method4-Apr-00
6,030,578Coupling assembly for the sterile transfer of sterile materials between a transportable container and a sterile enclosure29-Feb-00
6,014,030Current-level monitor with hierarchical precision11-Jan-00
5,999,485Method of distinguishing geological sequences and their boundaries7-Dec-99
5,976,549Method to reduce bad breath in a pet by administering raw garlic2-Nov-99
5,975,306Portable kit for providing a service2-Nov-99
5,959,219Capacitive gas flow sensor28-Sep-99
5,941,742Trolling motor mount24-Aug-99
5,938,395Retractable carrier-platform device17-Aug-99
5,928,815Proximity masking device for near-field optical lithography27-Jul-99
5,924,521Marine vessel overboard emergency system20-Jul-99
5,901,659Pivotally movable hiking bench11-May-99
5,880,954Continous real time safety-related control system9-Mar-99
5,850,986Reusable paper-roll core-chuck with interchangeable fins22-Dec-98
5,847,912Active rectification and battery protection circuit8-Dec-98
5,845,436Grave-marker support device8-Dec-98
5,823,585Sports truck storage bumper set20-Oct-98
5,819,378Buckle device with enhanced tension adjustment13-Oct-98
D397,947Global positioning system receiver with offset shape8-Sep-98
5,802,492Computer aided routing and positioning system1-Sep-98
D396,814Global positioning system receiver with centered shape11-Aug-98
5,787,837Movable hiking bench4-Aug-98
5,786,537Vibratory ground-survey system28-Jul-98
5,782,034Rodent trap21-Jul-98
5,779,853Hole-filling tool14-Jul-98
5,775,494Floating disk product package with window visibility, secure containment, and increased graphic surface area7-Jul-98
5,772,559Modular aerobic-exercise stepper30-Jun-98
5,769,608Resonant system to pump liquids, measure volume, and detect bubbles23-Jun-98
5,765,612Quick-connect engine oil drainage system16-Jun-98
5,759,415Method and apparatus for separating floating and non-floating particulate from rainwater drainage2-Jun-98
5,741,298Method and devices for video-assisted surgical techniques21-Apr-98
5,735,777Adaptive weight device7-Apr-98
5,721,739Method for detecting read errors, correcting single-bit read errors, and reporting multiple-bit read errors24-Feb-98
5,717,990Protective garment with stand-off hood17-Feb-98
5,717,170Swinging-weight vibrator for seismic exploration10-Feb-98
5,713,495Eye-drop dispenser guide20-Feb-98
5,709,165Foraging unit for avian, mammalian and reptilian species and method of use20-Jan-98
5,706,991Portable tool holder with stabilizing base13-Jan-98
5,699,687Firearm security device23-Dec-97
5,692,451Sea chest covers2-Dec-97
5,684,755Underwater pinger automatic deployment switch4-Nov-97
5,678,511Bathing device for pets21-Oct-97
5,671,701Apparatus and method for enhancing the efficiency of liquid-fuel-burning systems30-Sep-97
5,666,701Shoulder-strap retainer apparatus16-Sep-97
5,645,289Cylinder Sled8-Jul-97
5,644,460Multi-rail electrostatic discharge protection device1-Jul-97
5,635,784Bearingless ultrasound-sweep rotor3-Jun-97
5,627,801Underwater pinger acoustic resonance chamber6-May-97
5,624,409Variable-pulse dynamic fluid flow controller29-Apr-97
5,624,009Wheelchair lift29-Apr-97
5,617,808Portable foam tube boat with flexible shell8-Apr-97
5,617,048Hysteretic power-up circuit1-Apr-97
5,615,942Light socket adapter1-Apr-97
5,613,372Heat pump system dehumidifier with secondary water loop25-Mar-97
5,609,678Paint solvent with glycol ether, oxidizing oil, propylene glycol or propylene carbonate, and nmp or isoalkane11-Mar-97
5,608,929Patient-positioning device11-Mar-97
5,592,113Gradual frequency changing circuit7-Jan-97
5,590,864Easel for handicapped artists7-Jan-97
5,578,260Apparatus and process for making a mold of the foot, ankle, and lower leg26-Nov-96
5,565,807BICMOS power-up circuit with hysteresis15-Oct-96
5,563,890Sonet/sdh pointer justification gap elimination circuit8-Oct-96
5,559,707Computer aided routing system24-Sep-96
5,559,664Electromechanical relay system24-Sep-96
5,553,684Single-unit system for controlling vehicle acceleration and braking10-Sep-96
5,549,782Laminating apparatus27-Aug-96
5,536,966Retrograde NWell cathode Schottky transistor and fabrication process16-Jul-96
5,535,086ESD protection circuit and method for BICMOS devices9-Jul-96
5,533,381Conversion of liquid volume, density, and viscosity to frequency signals9-Jul-96
5,521,789BICMOS electrostatic discharge protection circuit28-May-96
5,508,702BICMOS digital-to-analog conversion16-Apr-96
5,504,964Chimney flue cleaning apparatus9-Apr-96
5,489,861High power, edge controlled output buffer6-Feb-96
5,482,540Electrostatic precipitator frame stabilizer and method of operation9-Jan-96
5,459,412BICMOS circuit for translation of ECL logic levels to MOS logic levels17-Oct-95
5,455,732Buffer protection against output-node voltage excursions3-Oct-95
5,444,410Controlled-Transitioni-time line driver22-Aug-95
5,418,474Circuit for reducing transient simultaneous conduction23-May-95
5,408,147VCC Translator Circuit18-Apr-95
5,382,921Automatic selection of an operating frequency in a low-gain broadband phase lock loop system17-Jan-95
5,359,301Process-, temperature-, and voltage-compensation for ECL delay cells25-Oct-94
5,357,640Dressing-aid-and-transfer device25-Oct-94
5,349,311Current starved inverter voltage controlled oscillator20-Sep-94
5,331,224Icct leakage current interrupter19-Jul-94
5,316,324Collet-and-shank assembly31-May-94
5,303,646Relief printing method and apparatus for its implementation19-Apr-94
5,289,880Towable road tender1-Mar-94
5,273,436Changeable grid system kit28-Dec-93
5,268,316Fabrication process for schottky diode with localized diode well7-Dec-93
5,258,665AC miller-killer circuit for L–>Z transitions2-Nov-93
5,228,830Wicket gate20-Jul-93
5,223,745Power down miller killer circuit29-Jun-93
5,218,196Light curtain system with system and watchdog microcontrollers8-Jun-93
5,199,889Leadless grid array socket6-Apr-93
5,193,106X-ray identification marker9-Mar-93
5,184,034State-dependent discharge path circuit2-Feb-93
5,150,177Schottky diode structure with localized diode well22-Sep-92
5,127,697Inconspicuous expandable van7-Jul-92
5,114,165Storable wheeled cargo carrier19-May-92
5,105,558Apparatus and process for drying cellulosic and textile substances with superheated steam21-Apr-92
5,099,771Apparatus and process for the incineration of waste particles31-Mar-92
5,091,079Sludge treatment apparatus25-Feb-92
5,086,870Joystick-operated driving system11-Feb-92
5,051,611Power-up circuit with hysteresis for an output buffer24-Sep-91
5,037,560Sludge treatment process6-Aug-91
4,970,747Trash rack cleaning apparatus20-Nov-90
4,951,342Street sweeping drag shoe28-Aug-90
4,944,601Damon syrup recovery system31-Jul-90
4,908,869Induction-based assistive listening system13-Mar-90
4,846,966Trash Rack11-Jul-89
4,840,217Pet portal20-Jun-89
4,685,366Holdfast cutting system11-Aug-87