Jeff Joyce Elected to Shareholder at Eaton Peabody


The law firm of Eaton Peabody is very pleased to announce that attorney Jeff Joyce was made a shareholder of Eaton Peabody at the firm’s Annual Shareholders Meeting. David Austin, the firm’s President said, “I am delighted to announce the election of Jeff Joyce as an Eaton Peabody shareholder. Jeff’s Intellectual Property Practice has greatly expanded the scope and quality of services we can offer to our clients. I am confident he will continue to be an important part of our firm for years to come.”

Jeff is the co-chair of the Eaton Peabody’s Cyber Security & Intellectual Property Group. A registered patent attorney, Jeff provides a dynamic range of legal services that includes all forms of patent, trademark, and copyright matters.

Jeff’s experience includes filing more than 300 patent applications directed towards a variety of technological areas including mechanical devices, electrical devices, software applications, processes and methods, and ornamental designs. The types of applications include provisional patent applications, design patent applications, utility patent applications, and PCT applications. Jeff also works with a network of professionals around the globe and has helped his clients obtain patent protection in numerous foreign countries including countries such as Canada, Australia, China, Brazil, and throughout Europe. Jeff is the attorney of record on more than 800 trademark applications, and has engaged in dozens of trademark enforcement actions, including trademark infringement, opposition, and cancellation proceedings.