Event: Aquaculture isn’t Scary, It’s Necessary

Thu, November 12, 2020

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM EST

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Join us for a discussion on aquaculture in Maine with Atlantic Sea Farms, the Maine Aquaculture Association, Maine Oyster Company, American Unagi, and Community Shellfish . This EITBE installation is intended to bring audience members and industry representatives together to further explore the importance and understanding of aquaculture in Maine. In particular, we’ll examine what the future looks like for our panelists and why there is room for OPTIMISM. Because of obvious reasons, many of us have already reassessed our businesses and engineered a pivot. In this session, we’ll talk about the implementation of these new ideas, explore areas of renewed focus, and discuss the year ahead. Resurgam….out of the ashes comes the phoenix….a rising tide lifts all boats….no matter how you say it, we’re excited to be looking forward together!




ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE BLUE ECONOMY: Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy (EITBE) is an event series created by the New England Ocean Cluster to share the stories of ocean-focused entrepreneurs and project leaders in Maine. Each session is free to attend and includes a curated panel of speakers who share their own intimate and organic perspectives on the topic du jour. Created in 2019, the program’s intent is to convene an engaged audience to raise awareness, promote dialog, and facilitate connections amongst those interested in the region’s blue economy. Though our delivery is now virtual, the focus remains the same. We are proud to be launching our winter season with the incredible support of or presenting sponsors; the University of Maine Graduate & Professional Center and Eaton Peabody.