Eaton Peabody to Host Regional TAGLaw Conference

Portland, Maine – The law firm of Eaton Peabody is pleased to host the Regional Northeastern and Atlantic Canada conference for the TAGLaw Global network of law firms. The conference will be held at the Portland Regency Hotel in the Old Port on September 8 through 10, 2016. United States Senator Angus King will present on “The Impacts of Global Warming on the Eastern Coast of North America.” The program will include panels of experts on the aquaculture industry: Sebastian Belle, Maine Aquaculture Association; Jon Shafmaster, The Lobster Perspective; and David Myslabodski will discuss the growing importance of seaweed. Professor George Isaacson will discuss “Ten Troubling Political Trends and How America Must Change Course Before its Too Late.” The panel of experts on current and future cyber security threats will include Craig Wolff, Assistant United States Attorney; Russell Patton, Bangor Savings Bank; and Matt Fusulo, Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service. Tim Sample, the New England humorist, will provide levity for the attendees in his “What’s so Darn Funny about Mainahs.”

TAGLaw – A Worldwide Network of Quality Law Firms

In 2004, Eaton Peabody joined forces with TAGLaw giving our clients access to more than 7,500 attorneys and over 150 law firms in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

We emphasize local, Maine-based service. However, when circumstances warrant, we provide ready access to other appropriate national and international legal experts through our affiliation with this group.

We find this approach provides our clients with the best of both worlds: client service close to home, and broad access to national and international expertise.