Construction and Governor Mills’ April 3, 2020 Order Restricting Travel into the State

Governor Mills’ third Executive Order issued on April 3, 2020 requires all persons, including Maine residents, traveling into Maine from another state to self-quarantine for fourteen days unless they are engaged in providing essential services as defined in her March 24th Order. As of April 3, 2020 the official definition of essential business services includes: construction, maintenance, property management, plumbers and electricians. However pool construction and maintenance are listed as non-essential. Therefore, construction workers are permitted to travel into Maine for their work and are not subject to the self-quarantine requirement. To avoid problems, it would be wise to provide workers with a letter stating that they are engaged in construction work as an essential activity. It would also make sense to attach a copy of the definition of essential business activity to the letter. Copies of the definition of essential work can be obtained at the following link: Essential Business Operations

If you have questions on specific projects, please contact Michael Hodgins or David Pierson. Our office is trying as best we can to work remotely, while continuing to timely and effectively respond to, and anticipate, client concerns.

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