Attorney Jeff Spaulding to Present at Maine Startup and Create Week

Don’t Mess up Your Cap Table

For individuals seeking investment, understanding your cap table is an incredibly important concept to understand, and a very easy thing to mess up. Pre money valuations to post money valuations. Who owns what and how many shares. Having a clean and well structured cap table is often the difference between receiving investment and not. It can also play a huge role in making sure you aren’t getting the raw end of the deal without knowing it.  This workshop will give you the skills to understand your cap table, and the value of your company and shares as you fundraise and seek investment.

Presenters –

Jeff Spaulding – Eaton Peabody
Helen Sterling Coburn – Bernstein Shur
Jacob Gordon – North Atlantic Capital

Time – Tuesday, June 21 11:00am-12:00pm
Location – ICA, MECA
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