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John David Kennedy, who served as a Maine Judge and Magistrate for 14 years, specializes in mediation, arbitration and other facilitative dispute resolution techniques, and leads Eaton Peabody’s Automotive Practice Group. Kennedy has extensive experience both as a decision maker and as a neutral. He has a strong personal interest in sports and collector cars and brings significant expertise concerning collector and vintage vehicles to add to his dispute resolution skills. Eaton Peabody’s broad range of experience and sophisticated legal resources provide the necessary legal depth needed to support this practice group.

Eaton Peabody’s attorneys’ are experienced in: litigating disputes regarding purchases and sales, litigating disputes regarding restoration projects, and in helping to resolve intra-family disputes regarding significant assets, either informally, or, if necessary, by using arbitration or the courts. The Automobile Practice Group’s attorneys also have the expertise to handle sophisticated questions concerning titles, tax implications, bankruptcies and other complications that can arise from poorly planned acquisitions or other decisions, whether the vehicles are held by individuals, foundations, not-for-profits or estates. Our attorneys have successfully litigated a broad range of warranty and other claims on behalf of automobile dealers against vehicle manufacturers.

The Automotive Industry Practice Group can accept referrals from all over the country and almost anywhere in the world to deal with various kinds of disputes relating to vehicles. Eaton Peabody is a member of TAGLaw®, with affiliated law offices across the United States, and in most other countries across the world. If necessary, Eaton Peabody can utilize its TAGLaw® relationships to engage local counsel in matters that originate elsewhere, cross jurisdictions, or present choice of law or similar issues.

Range of Services Provided:

  • Strategic planning for acquisitions for, or sales from, collections.
  • Mediation of disputes.
  • Early neutral evaluation of cases.
  • Single arbitrator or panel arbitrations.
  • Orders of Reference per F.R.C.P. 52, or equivalent state rules.
  • Representation in litigation in state and federal courts.
  • Corporate Business Legal Services

Types of Problems Covered:

  • Disputes over purchases and sales, including potential fraud claims.
  • Disputes over restorations and repairs.
  • Intra-family disputes over the contents or disposition of collections.
  • Disputes over warranty and lemon law claims.
  • Disputes between dealers and manufacturers about reimbursement and incentive programs.
  • Estate planning and asset preservation.
  • Financing, insolvency or bankruptcy.

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