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Name Title Position Office
Austin, David M. Managing Partner Attorney Bangor
Barrett, Jason C. Associate Attorney Ellsworth
Bentley, Tanya Consultant Consultant Augusta
Brewster, Seth W. Shareholder Attorney Portland
Brown, Thomas M. Of Counsel Attorney Bangor
Canders, John R. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Cunningham, John A. Of Counsel Attorney Brunswick
Devoe, William B. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Doak, Shelley Management Consultant Consultant Augusta
Dumais, Ryan P. Shareholder Attorney Brunswick
Feibel, Edward F. Counsel Attorney Portland
Ferdinand, Jr., William V. Shareholder Attorney Augusta
Frawley, Alfred C. Senior Counsel Attorney Portland
Garcia, Peter M. Of Counsel Attorney Brunswick
Gerrish, Don Development Consultant Consultant Augusta
Grant, Jeremy S. Associate Attorney Bangor
Hahn, Michael F. Shareholder Attorney Portland
Hamilton, P. Andrew Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Haszko, Dennis R. Patent Agent Patent Agent Augusta
Hochman, Bruce B. Shareholder Attorney Portland
Huber, Karen A. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Huntington, Jonathan B. Counsel Attorney Augusta
Johanson, Erica M. Associate Attorney Portland
Jones, Gretchen L. Shareholder Attorney Brunswick
Kennedy, John David Senior Counsel Attorney Brunswick
Kubetz, Bernard J. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
LaRochelle, Raegan F. Management Consultant Consultant Augusta
LaRose, Adria Y. Attorney Attorney Bangor
Loyd, Jr., John F. Shareholder Attorney Brunswick
Lucy, Allison Carrier Attorney Attorney Bangor
McCarthy, Rickmond Managing Director Consultant Augusta
McKay, Daniel G. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Melrose, John Consultant Consultant Augusta
Metcalf, Judy A.S. Shareholder Attorney Brunswick
Metivier, Richard T. Development Consultant Consultant Augusta
Newell, Sarah E. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Patient, Noreen Alvarado Shareholder Attorney Brunswick
Payne, Clare Hudson Of Counsel Attorney Bangor
Peters, John Consultant Consultant Augusta
Pierson, David C. Shareholder Attorney Portland
Pittman, Dan S. Attorney Attorney Bangor
Porter, Glen L. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Pottle, Jonathan A. Associate Attorney Bangor
Pratt, Neal F. Shareholder Attorney Portland
Purinton, Amon H. Associate Attorney Bangor
Putnam, Nathaniel S. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Randlett, Megan E. Associate Attorney Bangor
Raynes, Matthew S. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Reinhart, Sarah Lang Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Shortill, Laura Associate Attorney Bangor
Spaulding, Jeffrey W. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
True, Calvin E. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Woodcock, Timothy C. Shareholder Attorney Bangor
Zmistowski, Sarah S. Attorney Attorney Bangor
Zmistowski, Thad B. Shareholder Attorney Bangor


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